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Therapeutic fit is critical. At the heart of therapy is a relationship that involves two or more people working together towards common goals. If the relational dynamics do not work, therapy will not work. I work hard to make sure my clients feel safe to say and explore what they need to, but sometimes (albeit very rarely) we don’t have that illusive, relational dynamic that makes a relationship work.
Becoming my Client: Choose the Introductory Session: you will be shown and sent additional, required forms. The introductory session is a longer, 80 minute session for initial consultation and evaluation. To assess our fit, I will work with you to determine if we fit together and if I can help you achieve your therapeutic goals. All sessions are audio only and are conducted through ZOOM’s audio only feature. If our fit works, the next step is to book a weekly or bi-weekly session time and a date, that works for both of us.
Clientele exceptions: I do not work with clients who have been diagnosed with, or suspect they suffer from, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), or PAPD (passive-aggressive personality disorder).