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Online Therapist: Tidal Grace: MA, Honours, RCC, BDP

Tidal Grace: MA, Honours, RCC, BDPOnline Therapist Ensuring Ethics, Professionalism and Creativity

Online Therapy with Tidal Grace, Masters in Counselling Psychology (Honours)
(RCC) Registered Clinical Counsellor
Masters in Counselling Psychology, Honours
University of British Columbia
Bachelors in Psychology
University of British Columbia
To creatively awaken clients to a more direct experience of their reality, while facilitating the psychological growth processes of maturation and cleaning up their lives: this is at the heart of my online therapy practice.

Integratively, I develop a clients’ awareness of how they function in and affect the world around them. With this, they begin to more accurately sense the world and start to slough off extraneous personality skins and neuroses.

This type of growth takes a lot of energy and can be, at times, challenging. I am fluid, resonant and adaptable with my emotional and psychological repertoire, allowing clients to grow energetically and optimally. As every client is different, coming from different experiences, I utilize different modalities to work creatively every session.

I enjoy my practice and my clients enormously.
Tidal Grace