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Psychotherapy for Individual Couples in Vancouver

JANUSJUNO: Online Therapy

Online Therapy for Individuals + Couples

In Person English-speaking Therapist in Berlin | Online Therapist: Individuals and Couples

I work with a number of issues that couples and married partners face. Click below for a broader understanding of what I work with.

Sessions: Online

and In-Person

Therapy for Couples

Couples sessions are typically 80 minutes long for the first 3 sessions. This can change to 50 minutes once the preliminary assessment work is complete. We typically will work once a week. 6-12 sessions is a reasonable amount of time to expect to work in the beginning, as well as to expect results.

For online couples: I work with couple’s clients worldwide. Many times my couples’ clients will be based in different countries from each myself (and even each other). Multiple Skype screen calls are common from various locations are common and not a barrier to the work.

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