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Online Therapy for Non Traditional Relationships

Online, Non-Traditional Relationship Therapy

Nagivating Complexity with an English Speaking, Certified Psychotherapist

Online Therapy | Non-Traditional Relationships

Is your non-traditional (NT) relationship at risk of collapsing? Do you wonder if your jealousy will ruin your relationship? Does your partner want an open relationship but you are cautious? Do you ask: “Will *this* ever be right for me?” “Maybe its impossible to love more than one person at a time...” Do you wonder what non-monogamous relationship suits you best? Do you question how much disclosure you want from your partners? Did your promise to open your relationship—promising you’ll never develop feelings for another—but did anyways? Has your promise lead to self-denial, confusion, and broken agreements? Did you get dumped by a secondary partner? Wondering if it is normal to feel so this pain? Do you have children and wonder how to explain your lifestyle to them? Do these questions ever end??

Take heart: these are normal steps in the growth of non-traditional relations.

My online therapy helps people in these challenging relationships solve these questions. I guide people to know your fears, your angers and your jealousies' origins. I help you deal with large forces that threaten these relations and then clarify what you want. I’ll help you rediscover passion and purpose while repairing trust, moving past jealousy, and ditching harmful dependency. I’ll help you resolve sexual dysfunction. break unhealthy patterns and practice respectful polyamory.

Let’s face it: while traditional relations are hard, NT relationships are much harder. Clients often feel that they have "lost the boat”, imagining that they should just know how to operate within these relations. Isn’t it obvious? The truth is murky. And, expectations of knowledge being obvious makes truth harder to spot. Nothing wrong in seeking clarity in a hard situation. That’s where I can help.
"So many therapists though... which one?"
It is common to feel lost in a sea of therapists. The choices online overwhelm. First step? Ensure your therapist is licensed to practice therapy. Second, ensure they hold a degree in therapy. Third, ensure your therapist specializes in NT relations. Attention though: therapists bring their own views into therapy. They are damaging if you are unaware of them.

“I’m too embarrassed to talk.”
A lot of clients avoid coming to therapy to talk. They fear that if they open to me, I'll judge them or they'll feel worse. As a therapist, I don't judge. Note: if you see me, you don’t need to spill your guts in the first session. In fact, it is wise to take your time. Let our relationship develop. When you are ready, you share what is bothering you. This is OK and normal. Go at a pace that feels comfortable. Tell me what and how much you want in our initial sessions. For some, coming to see a therapist is scary. They feel intense anxiety in the first session. This is common. Try to accept your anxiety and fear. Don't fight it or make it go away. Note: **my role as therapist is to make you feel welcome and comfortable.**

“What if I’m into kink on top of being non-traditional?”
No problem. You are asking for a wide amount of different experiences. Many don't want to admit that desire! Only you can judge your limit. Therapy is helpful here. Therapy for NT relationships (including kink) helps you come to your truth. No one tells you what’s right or wrong. You may question how to know if what arouses you in "normal" or "healthy". You may ask if you are co-dependent on your D/S partner. You may wonder what qualities in your scene partner suit you the best. If you’ve starting to realize you’ve been abused, you may be ask: “What now?” The answers to these questions will surface in a session.

“My last therapist didn’t get it. Will you?
This is the main complaint clients have post-traditional therapist. A large proportion of therapists don’t understand non-traditional relationships and only have experience with traditional ones. Experience-blind to the varieties available, they give bad advice and feel threatened with newness. This is not the case with me. I get it.

What sets me apart with my non-traditional relationship therapy work?
Unlike other therapists, I operate on multiple levels. I peg my work depending on where you come in from. Some want “quick fixes” and we can address that desire. Others, want to go deeper. Some want to explore the spiritual dimension of non-traditional relationships. From behaviours, to insights, to spirituality: I am to work in all these levels.

I want to become a client. I need help with my NT relationship. What's next? Click below and schedule your first appointment. I welcome new clients and look forward to helping you.
Tidal was very open and cool with everything we brought to him. We were *that* close to breaking up too. We were surprised how much we grew through working with him. I’d recommend him to my mom and dad but I kind of don’t want them getting too open-minded!
Intriguin’. Inspirin’. Rockin’. Back in the saddle and feelin’ on top again! Gotta say thanks!