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Online Sex Therapy | Berlin

Online Sex Therapy

Finding Connection Through Sex: Help from a English Speaking, Certified Psychotherapist

Online Sex Therapy | English Speaking Psychotherapist

One’s sexuality is part of the core of our human identity. As a result, difficulties in sexual functioning and expression often go right to the heart of an individual’s relationship to him or herself. Being able to experience pleasure, creativity and fulfillment through sexual expression lies at the heart of our human existence. Within that in mind I want to boost your sexual functioning through the expansion of sexual knowledge, emotional and relational awareness, and comfort and confidence in their own relationship to your sexuality. You can expect to receive accurate information about the nature of your difficulties as well empathic, non-judgmental and culturally competent care from a professional, educated sexuality expert.

And relax. It’s sex. It can be fun, erotic, playful, intense and electric.


I am sensitive to the needs of all varieties of sexualities (including straight and LGBTQ clients). I use a variety of approaches depending on the issue that my clients are looking to address. There a variety of presenting concerns I work with: male issues | female issues | couples issues.

Sessions: In-Person and Online Sex Therapy

Sessions are 80 minutes long, once a week. 6-12 sessions are a reasonable amount of time to expect to work in the beginning and to expect results.

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Male Sexual Issues

Performance Anxiety while Dating and/or in Relationships

For single and newly single men the dating world is full of expectations! Our culture pressures men to be ready willing to have sex whenever interest is expressed. For men in committed relationships, the anxiety to fulfill what a partner desires can lead to avoidance. Learning how to express one’s needs, fantasies and desires is challenging but sex therapy can help overcome these concerns.

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is caused by many things: biological, pharmacological, psychological and interpersonal. Many times, ED is sexual avoidance with his partner. This affects the partner who experiences reactions including: concern, rejection, loneliness, frustration, anger and avoidance. This creates relational anxiety and strife.

Premature Ejaculation

For some men, the ability to control a climax’s timing can cause dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Delayed Ejaculation

The difficulty to climax with a partner can cause rifts. Most men don’t feel it’s an issue until they’re in a long-term committed relationship and their partners are feeling anxious, rejected, frustrated, and/or worried about becoming pregnant.

Past Childhood Abuse or Trauma

One’s sexual history of abuse or rape can have a profound effect on one’s relationships. Sex therapy is an integral part of a person’s or couple’s recovery.

Out of Control Sexual Behaviour

One can feel the compulsion to watch porn for so many hours that it interferes with their professional or personal functioning or can’t stop pursuing hookups for the sake of the thrill or high. Sex therapy assesses this behaviour and the underlying reasons to form a multi-axial treatment.

Female Sexual Issues

Low Libido

One of the most common problems women bring into sex therapy is lack of desire. This may be due to medical issues, side effects from medication, hormonal changes and/or issues in one’s relationship. Sex therapy looks at all of these factors.

Past Childhood Abuse or Trauma

One’s sexual history of abuse or rape can have a profound effect on one’s relationships. Sex therapy is an integral part of a person’s or couple’s recovery.

Inability to Orgasm (Inorgasmia)

The inability to reach orgasm can be a frustrating experience for a woman and her partner. I work on this issue with both the woman and her partner so that both are educated and supported during the treatment.

Couples’ Sexual Issues

Sexual Avoidance

Although some couples have a bond outside the bedroom, many times they become platonic roommates. The thrill of seductions, the excitement of passionate play has been stripped out. I work with couples to explore the timeline of the changes or the milestones that may have contributed to the shift. At times the avoidance is due to deeper issues in a partner’s history or a couple’s contact.

Discrepant Desire

A common difficulty occurs when partners have different needs or desires in the frequency of sexual connections.


Affairs wreak havoc on couples and is experienced as a crisis in their relationship and family. I help couples work on the recovery of trust and address the challenges to their intimate life.

Lack of Technique

Due to one’s cultural, religious or psychological reasons, a person may not have a lot of sexual experience. This make affect their confidence. I teach clients through resources and home play assignments to be watched, read and/or practiced between therapy appointments. We also focus on the cultural myths that may be impeding one’s sexual explorations.


Whether one is interested in light power exchange or more intense BDSM type play, a person often has difficulty discussing these types of desires and or fantasies with their partner. Sex therapy sessions allow for a professional to lead the discussion and offer wisdom, education and resources.

Non-Monogamous Relationships

Sometimes a couple would like to negotiate their monogamy to include other partners. These conversations can be challenging given the fears and jealousy partners may experience in branching into a new relationship type. I offer guidance and perspective on the non-monogamy issues and boundaries that need to be discussed, possible challenges and how this fits into their developmental stage as a couple.