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Online Career CounsellingProfessional Guidance for those Seeking a Change


Miserable in about your job, really need a career change, but unsure about how to go about it?

How much longer can you hold out? Two months, a year? Sooner or later your lack of enthusiasm for the job will show up in your work, or you will end up with health issues, burn out or be laid off.

Do you feel like you just “fell” in your current job and now you are wondering what the right path is to finding a career that you really enjoy? Perhaps you left school and went right into the first job there was, but now you see that you had no path, no plan, and no guidance; in fact, you simply ended up in a job that is just not you.

Do you feel unchallenged by your current job and are looking for some new environments in which to stimulate yourself and grow? Perhaps your job has been so unsatisfying and unrewarding that you are starting to feel depressed and anxious, and you sense your self-confidence going down.

Have you been jumping from career to career but nothing seems quite right? Perhaps you have spent very little time thinking about your career goals and haven’t had a mentor to help guide you through this important process. Maybe you think you already know what you’re looking for in a job or career, but you are hitting a wall.

Did you go into a job for money and now find it a soul-sucking choice, one in which you can’t wait to retire—but that’s 20 to 30 years away? Maybe you have amazing, creative ideas about what you would love to do, but can’t seem to get focused long enough to take the next step and do something about it.

Online career counselling is extremely effective in helping people succeed in finding a career that truly fits them.

The vast majority of people in the career market have had little to no career counselling and still fewer recognize its critical importance. Many clients I have helped have not had any formal assessments (or even guidance help!) in high school. Most people have been left to their own devices in this complex world of career. This is a tragedy: many people do not realize their potential and get stuck in poorly thought out careers early in life.

Online career counselling helps clients assess and plan for their future career. This is critical because introspection into the “hot fields” of possible careers might reveal why you fit or don’t fit within them—which can save years of effort. Online career change counselling can guide you through the myriad of factors—such as your personality, the details of the jobs you are interested in, and the current job markets—that can lead to successful career changes.

Making a career change is hard enough: why do it on your own without professional help? Online career change counselling guides you through every step of the process. I help clients assess their career values, interests and skills; investigate career options, and envision a career path; identify jobs; apply for jobs; network; interview; develop resumes and cover letters, and establish a balance between work and a personal life. I also use a variety of tools including assessments, interest inventories, and personality tests to help identify appropriate options for your consideration. I’ll help you identify obstacles impeding your progress towards the crystallization of career plans and coach you on ways to overcome these challenges. Finally, because I am a registered clinical therapist, I am also able to help you when you can’t really engage in your career planning process or finalize decisions because you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem.

“There are so many career counsellors. How do I choose?”

A good first step is to make sure the counsellor is licensed to practice therapy and career counselling and holds a professional, university degree in counselling. Secondly, make sure that the person you choose specializes in working with career counselling.

I not only specialize in career counselling, have experience with hundreds of clients in the field, but I also have a Masters-degree in Counselling from the University of British Columbia with an Honors designation.

“A career counsellor will just tell me that I’m in the perfect job already!”

If any career counsellor tells you this, run. That is, if your “perfect job” is something you hate, causes you stress and exhaustion, imparts to you a sense of crushing competition, and disconnects you from yourself, you really have to wonder about the counsellor you’ve chosen frankly.

Instead of leading you back to where you came from, as some assessments may do, I look for signs beyond these simple tools, to really talk to you and get a sense of what would truly fulfill you. I’m not looking for quick fixes either: I want to make sure you are thoroughly invested (and a tad excited!) about the possibilities that we come up with together. Instead of a sense of no-options, deadness, and the “same-old-same-old”, career counselling should lead to a sense of excitement and enthusiasm. I seek to move you to a breakthrough—a “paradigm shift” that allows you to see how much more you are capable of than your current views and experiences allowed.

“I can figure this out on my own.”

That’s true. It may take a lot more time (i.e., years!) and effort though without help. Life is short though and online career counselling can help you navigate those crossroads in your lives more successfully. In fact, many people come to me when they face a “natural” crossroads: having to choose a school, university, field of study or one from a number of employment opportunities. Another group comes to me when they begin to doubt whether they have made the appropriate choice in terms of schools, subjects, universities, careers or employers. In both of these cases, what used to work—no longer does.

Let’s be clear: you are being confronted increasingly with massive changes in your workplace. You have to face and deal with repeated work-related crossroads and transitions. You might hesitate because you are uncertain about the way forward. As a career counsellor though, I can enable you to recount your “career life story;” which is important to face with someone who can allow you to listen to yourself by revisiting instances when you have faced a crossroads, which then enables you to deal with your current one.

“I can’t afford it.”

That really may be the fact: you may not have enough money to afford professional, online career counselling. For these people, I would recommend government or educational employment agencies when considering a new career. However, many people say that can’t afford career counselling but, if they just cut back on some expenditures for awhile, they are perfectly capable of doing so. Other people can afford it but just don’t want to because they view themselves as not worthy of career counselling. This is not an issue of affordability but rather of self-esteem.

The fact is, if you believe you are worthy of career counselling, and have the money to do so, the investment in yourself will pay off with greater job and life satisfaction far into the future. For many clients, this first step of investing in themselves (instead of taking a cruise, or buying a new car or phone) is a first step towards higher self-esteem and confidence.

Tidal helped me greatly with my career choice. Hello law school! I had some guidance counselling in university but it was very shallow and didn’t get at what I really want to do. Tidal was thorough and understanding and I found what I really wanted to do with his help. He made the process easy and fun.
What an interesting journey you took me on Tidal! I knew that I wanted to go back to school but didn’t realize I wanted to teach! Your support was wonderful. You are very gifted in what you do and I’ll be recommending you to anyone who is stuck and needs to move on from their current career. Best!

Why choose me as your career counsellor?

Unlike many career counsellors who will simply run some tests and give you some basic job ideas, I approach career from very grounded, almost “holy” place. I believe that career is one of those key areas of life that will define one’s entire life—so choosing the next ten to twenty years (or more!) of one’s life should not be taken lightly. I want to know everything about you (from the psychological to the spiritual) so that I can facilitate your decision in line with your circumstances, values and beliefs. I go deep and I think that is why my previous successes with clients and their career counselling have been so profound.

As well, unlike many therapists who graduate with little professional experience in career counselling, I have actually worked in a college where career counselling was a main part of my job. This experience was invaluable and as led me to be able to work with many career counselling approaches and with a wide variety of clients and circumstances that they may bring.

I would like to start explore my new career with you. What’s next?

Get in touch. Click on the buttons below and schedule your first appointment. I always welcome new clients and look forward to meeting and helping you.