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Online Therapy for Individuals | Berlin

Online Therapy

Help from an English-speaking, Certified Psychotherapist

Online, English-speaking Therapist

I work with a number of diagnoses, issues and mental health issues including:
  • addictions: sex; pornography, gambling, drug and alcohol
  • anxiety-related concerns: general anxiety disorder; panic attacks; sub-clinical anxiety
  • career counselling: career-related issues such as finding a new career; relaunching one’s career; interpersonal issues at the workplace
  • depersonalization (dp): acute and chronic depersonalization; I am one of the few online specialists in depersonalization
  • derealization: acute and chronic
  • dissociative states
  • cPTSD, PTSD, trauma and rape
  • grief and loss: actual and ambivalent loss
  • spiritual explorations: psychology, psychotherapy and its relationship to spiritual concerns

Sessions: Online Therapy

Sessions are typically 50 minutes long, once a week. 6-12 sessions is a reasonable amount of time to expect to work in the beginning and to expect results.

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