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Online Spiritual Therapy

Online Therapy Explorations in Spirituality

Growth Beyond Perceptions: Help from an English-speaking, Certified Psychotherapist

Online Therapy with a Spiritual Dimension

How does therapy account for the "soul"? How does the "spirit" fit into therapy? Won't a therapist judge me if I mention the spirit? Don't therapists focus on the mind?" In therapy, new behaviors or insights help but seekers need context. Yet, seekers wonder if broaching the spiritual in therapy is okay.

Therapy and discussions on the spirit are any easy fit.

Online therapy for spiritual topics helps. With it, clients discover their deeper levels. And, without this topic, online sessions may create isolation. Let’s face it: everyday life is hard. Without spirit direction, life can become flat and passionless*. How one essentially sees the world is crucial to discover. Work on the mind and spirit needs this information as a starting point. Most therapists ignore the spirit. Instead, they become “scientific” and “rational". To ignore the spirit deadens therapy. There is nothing wrong to get help with these topics. Bringing them up enlivens the therapeutic space.

“Which therapists work with the spiritual?”

Many people who have a spiritual bent don't know where to find help. It is common for people to feel lost. To find a therapist working with the spirit can overwhelm them. There are a lot of general therapists. I am one of the few who work with spiritual topics.

“What if I believe in a religion? I'm not spiritual...”

Religions have a spiritual aspect. Many divide the spiritual and the religious domains. I do not. I possess knowledge of both domains.

“Shouldn’t I go to a priest or a rabbi?”

It depends on the issue. First: psych issues mix with the spiritual topics. To discuss them with people unused to psych topics won't offer clarity. Second, a psych who knows the spirit topics, can offer many views. Third, a therapist accepts new truths. This is unlike the dogmatic views of a religious teacher or priest.
Full of gratitude, I thank you. I’m so grateful that I found a therapist who didn’t dismiss my concerns as infantile and neurotic. I knew there was something there and I felt it needed to come out. God must have made us meet, as it always is, and I feel blessed for our encounter.
Tidal’s knowledge of Buddhism and Christianity is impressive. I appreciate his ability to jump between many different viewpoints and give me ideas from many religious thinkers and scholars. He is very kind, smart and loves to laugh!

Why choose me as your therapist?

I go deep with clients. Quick "fixes" of thinking and behaviours don't fix problems. We need to go deep. We need to clarify the problems. In depth, in the emotional world, we address and fix. Spirit work is the deepest. To know reality, and how it connect to your psyche is key. Other therapists prefer to keep therapy on the surface. For me, this is not therapy. Core changes must involve the core. How you relate to reality is critical. How you understand your very essence changes how you act everyday. Without clarity, therapy becomes weak band-aids.

I want to become a client and start to explore. What should I do next?

Click on the buttons below and schedule your first appointment. I welcome new clients. I look forward to meeting and helping you.

Therapy has mostly ignored our spiritual nature. Adding this topic to therapy, allows us to explore new vistas of work. If you are just a physical being, therapy will have that much impact on you. If you are more, a larger-minded therapy will deliver more. We are spiritual beings, but only if we imagine it so. Reality can be bigger, but only if we imagine it so.

With spirit, with access the creative imagination which some call God, Buddha-nature, the Universe, etc. Whatever the name, we access it and via the spirit, we augment faith. Faith is foundational to our self-worth and identity. It lifts our vision from our own weakness to the power within and of us. Faith is a reminder. We are not alone. We do not have to accomplish everything on our own.

Integrating the spirit into therapy connects us to reality. The spirit can increase self-worth and meaning. It equips us to experience our potential. By exploring the spiritual, clients discover overlooked resources as we address issues to integrate mind, body and soul.