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FAQs about Online Psychotherapy for Individual + Couples in Vancouver

JanusJanoOnline Therapy for Individuals + Couples

Frequently Asked Questions


Schedule 1st Session

Introductory Session $50

Schedule 1st Session

Introductory Session $50
What is confidential?
Almost everything you share is private and protected both legally and ethically. Even if a close friend or family member were to contact me and ask about you, I would not disclose that I even know you. Information will only be legally divulged under 4 circumstances: 1) I have reason to believe that you are in imminent danger of harming yourself or another person; 2) I am subpoenaed by a judge; 3) You reveal to me that you know of specific cases of either child or elder abuse occurring; 4) I have your written consent.
What does therapy cost?
Therapy generally consists of between one or two, regular, 50-minute sessions per week over a period of weeks, months or years. Deep work cannot be achieved by rushing. Twelve sessions are equivalent to a weekend workshop, or a full year is equivalent to an intensive 10-day seminar. Therapy is considerably cheaper than a holiday (often seen as a solution to distress) and it may provide longer lasting benefits. Learning to navigate and understand your interior world is a process of commitment and an investment in your long-term health and well-being.
Do you do testing?
Yes, I do testing to gain insight into an individual's personality—for example, in schema therapy modality to discover patterns of behaviour and in career assessments. For more specific testing, I can refer you to clinicians who specialize in neuropsychological assessments.
Do you work with couples and other relationship types?
Yes, I do work a lot with couples—whether it is to help rekindle the depth of love and trust in a long-standing relationship, or to assist in establishing a sense of security and understanding in a new relationship. I may be asked about renewing existing bonds (to renew trust, love, safety, and respect after infidelities) and I may facilitate more personal, effective, and respectful breakups of couples who have decided to either divorce, separate, or disengage in some way.
Do you work with children and teens?
No. I only work with clients 19+ who are serious enough to engage in psychotherapy.