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Latest Book by Tidal Grace, MA (Honours)


Triumphing Over Depersonalization:
A Guide for Therapists, Individuals, and Loved Ones

About the Book


Overcoming Depersonalization:
A Therapist's Perspective

Reclaiming Reality: A Therapist’s Guide to Conquering Depersonalization offers insights and strategies for understanding and managing depersonalization. It’s an essential resource for therapists, individuals, and their loved ones, drawing from my personal and professional experiences. While this book provides valuable knowledge, it is designed to complement personalized therapy sessions for a more comprehensive approach to recovery.

Understanding Depersonalization

Depersonalization can disconnect us from reality and ourselves. This book delves into its triggers, historical context, and management techniques. However, while the book provides valuable insights, personalized therapy offers tailored guidance and support that is crucial for effective management and recovery.

Benefits of the Book Benefits of Therapy
Self-help strategies Personalized treatment plans
Understanding Depersonalization One-on-one guidance and support with a trained and registered Masters’ level professional therapist
Techniques for managing symptoms Ongoing progress tracking
Insight from personal and professional experience Direct, immediate feedback
Tailored to individual needs
Confidential and private sessions
Real-time problem-solving needs
Book Reviews

From Book Readers:

“Tidal Grace’s ‘Reclaiming Reality’ is an insightful guide for therapists and individuals struggling with depersonalization.”
Taylor N.
“Combining the book with therapy sessions provided a comprehensive approach that accelerated my progress."
Candace Y.
“… Grace offers practical advice and profound insights. This book is a must-read for therapists and individuals alike.
Sterling E.
“The book gave me a great start, but therapy sessions with Tidal made all the difference in my recovery."
Yumon K.
Online Therapist Tidal Grace

Meet Tidal Grace:
Psychotherapist, MA (Honours)

With a robust educational background and a passion for blending psychology and creativity, my mission is to aid individuals in reclaiming their reality from depersonalization. I offer personalized therapy sessions that complement the insights from my book.

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