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English-speaking Therapist in Berlin

English-speaking Therapy Berlin

Feel Better Through Awareness

Seeking a Professional, English-speaking Therapist in Berlin or Online?

Hello and welcome. I’m Tidal Grace. I’m a Masters-level (Honours) counselling psychotherapist who is accredited two professional psychotherapy organizations: the BCACC, the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors, and to the BDP, Bundesverband Deutschen Psychologinnen und Psychologen. Professionally trained, ethical and accountable, I work via connection, compassionate listening, keen advice, and somatic/physical work to allow my clients to come as they are, remove their blocks to transformation and live a more vital life. I hope that I can do the same for you.

I work in person as an English-speaking Therapist in Berlin as well as an online therapist to clients around the world.
English-speaking Psychologist in Berlin for Individuals
Online Therapy for Individuals
Anxiety, Panic, GAD
Trauma, cPTSD. PTSD
Career Counselling

English-speaking Psychologist in Berlin for Couples
Online Marriage/Couples Therapy
Couples Counselling
Counselling for Infidelity
Marriage Therapy
Sex Therapy
Non-Traditional Relationships
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English Therapist in Berlin: Tidal Grace, MA (Honours)

Masters in Counselling Psychology (Honours)
Accredited with BCACC as RCC
: Registered Clinical Counsellor
Accredited with BDP: Bundesverband Deutschen Psychologe
Masters in Counselling Psychology, Honours
University of British Columbia
Bachelors in Psychology
University of British Columbia
The heart of my practice is to awaken you to your reality, allowing you to grow and mature. I spark your awareness so that you can sense your reality in fresh ways. Naturally then, neuroses just fall away, and in the void that seems to have been left behind, love and connection become apparent again.

This type of growth takes a lot of energy. It's a real challenge. In fact, It's THE challenge. With that, I need to be fluid as you to grow; and, as everyone is different, I customize dynamically my approach with you.

I love my practice and my clients a lot. Please come, grow and enjoy a transformation if you’d like.
Tidal Grace
For clients considering Online therapy instead of traditional face-to-face, here are some benefits:
  • Can connect with your therapist from home, work, or wherever is convenient for you.
  • Recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of online therapy.
  • A recent study has found that online therapy is actually MORE effective than traditional therapy.
  • Can find an expert on your issue, not necessarily based on geography.
Online Therapy for Individuals: Addictions (sex addiction, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, porn addiction); Adoption issues; Adult survivors of childhood abuse/neglect; Anger; Anxiety and panic; Depersonalization / Derealization; Depression; Decision-making and poor concentration; Dissatisfaction; Grief; OCD; cPTSD & PTSD; Rape counselling; Sleep Issues; Sexuality issues; Transgender Issues; Career Counselling; Life and Career Transitions
Online Marriage Therapy: Online Couples Therapy: Boundaries; Bisexuality within a couple; Communication Issues; Divorce; Forgiveness; Enhancing relationships; Homosexuality relationships; Infidelity; Non-traditional relationships (bi, gay, threesomes, quads, polyamory, polysexual, kink, BDSM, and swinging); Separation; Sexual issues; Transgender