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Online Therapy for Individual + Couples

JANUSJUNO: Online TherapyOnline Therapy for Individuals + Couples

Forget texting. Forget emailing.

REAL, LIVE online therapy—anywhere you are.

Tidal Grace—a Masters-level (Honours) Counselling Psychology Professional as well as an a RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor) delivers REAL, LIVE online therapy that integrates traditional talk therapy with creative processes.

Online Therapy for Individuals

Online Marriage Therapy: Online Couples Therapy

Online Therapy via Skype

JANUSJUNO's lead therapist, Tidal Grace (MA—Honors, RCC, BDP), conducts therapy sessions online with clients around the world via Skype video.
Benefits of Online Therapy via Skype
  • Can connect with your therapist from home, work, or wherever is convenient for you.
  • Recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of online therapy.
  • A recent study has found that online therapy is actually MORE effective than traditional therapy.
  • Can find an expert on your issue, not necessarily based on geography.

Online Therapist: Tidal Grace: MA, Honours, RCC, BDP

online therapist
Tidal Grace, Masters in Counselling Psychology (Honours)
(RCC) Registered Clinical Counsellor
Masters in Counselling Psychology, Honours
University of British Columbia
Bachelors in Psychology
University of British Columbia
The heart of my practice? To awaken clients to reality and allow them to grow and mature. I develop clients’ awareness in their world. With this, they can sense sense the world better and start to slough off any neuroses.

This type of growth takes a lot of energy. It's a real challenge. It's THE challenge. So, I need to be fluid with my clients as I allow them to grow. As every client is different, I use different modalities with each one.

I enjoy my practice and my clients a lot.
Tidal Grace

Modalities used in Creative Process Online Therapy

Gestalt Therapy
Focused on change in the present.

ACT Therapy
A method to accept one's life and values.

Schema Therapy
Speeds one to their major issue(s).

Psycho-dynamic Therapy
Release the feelings that block you.
Promotes calm and love.

Drama Therapy
Uses drama to heal.

Art Therapy
Uses images to heal rather than words.

Spiritual Therapy
Integrates the mind, body and "soul".