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JANUSJUNO: Online PsychotherapyOnline Therapy for Individuals + Couples

Feeling stuck? Depressed? Anxious? …or completely detached? Concerned about your relationship but don't know where to turn? Thinking about making a career change but you are overwhelmed with what to do first?

Online, Creative Process Therapy (CPT) is a modern, psychotherapeutic practice that integrates many creative, dynamic and process-based practice with traditional talk therapy. In CPT, Gestalt Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and Schema Therapy Therapy are woven seamlessly together with Dramatherapy, Art Therapy and Narrative Therapy to deliver more impactful work for clients.

CPT works towards accessing Mushin states (無心; Japanese; with the English translation of "no mind")—that is, a mental state not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything. The work done in these states are then referenced and reflected back into normal thinking states, in a circular process of growth, to reveal new insights and possibilities for movement forward in client's lives.

CPT has been developed by Tidal Grace, a Masters-level (Honors) Counselling Psychology Professional as well as an a RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor) who adheres to the BCACC Code of Ethics. Tidal engages his clients in modern, psychological, physical and creative modalities to produce a more integrated and aware individual.

To find out if you are a fit with CPT, examine the psychological issues that can be addressed with this type of therapy here >

Most common reasons people for therapy:

  • to become (more) successful
  • to fix a psychological disorder
  • to remove an addiction
  • to become more spontaneous and joyful
  • to become more authentic, more “real”
  • to learn about themselves more deeply
  • to be released from neuroticism
  • to understand how to fit into society better
  • to understand how to relate to others better
  • to have someone to listen to them deeply and non-judgmentally
  • to be released from their everyday world and find adventure
  • to help make their decisions
  • to unburden oneself of troubling thoughts