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Online Therapy Career Counselling for Individuals

Online Career Counselling

Professional Guidance for Change Seekers: Help from an English-speaking, Certified Psychotherapist

Time for a career change?

How long can you hold out? Two months? A year? Your lack of joy in your job is starting already to show. Perhaps you are developing health issues. Maybe you will burn out… or maybe they will lay you off?

Do you feel like you fell into your current job but it has never been the one you’ve been satisfied with? But, what is a rewarding career?

Perhaps you left school and found the first job available. Now, you see no path and this job is a poor fit. Jumping from career to career? Have you thought about your goals? Do you have a mentor to help guide you? Maybe a wall is blocking you. Do you feel unchallenged in your job? Unrewarded? Looking for new things to stimulate yourself? Are you depressed and anxious? Is your self-confidence draining? Did you go into a job for money? Was that a bad choice and retirement is years away? Are you getting a headache yet? I am!

This is where I come in. As a professional in career counselling, I can help you find the career that you really want to be in. Most people spend their lives trashing about in careers that are just not suited to them, but majority of people have had little counselling. Fewer recognize its importance. Many missed formal assessments in high school. Most grab at anything in this complex world of career. This is a tragedy. Many people, blind to their potential, choose unsuitable careers.

I’ll help you assess and plan for your future. This is critical. This save literally years of effort. We’ll ask: What's your personality? What are the details of those interesting jobs that you need to know? What are the current job markets? This work leads to successful career changes.

Making a career change is hard. So why do it without help? I’ll guide you through every step of the process. I help assess career values, interests and skills. I investigate career options. I help you envision a career path. We identify jobs, develop resumes, and establish a work/life balance. I use assessments and tests to help identify career options. I help you identify obstacles in your career path. I coach you overcome these challenges. And, as a clinical therapist, I can help you on top of career.

“There are so many career counsellors. How do I choose?”

First, ensure your counsellor is licensed to practice career counselling. Second, ensure that they hold a recognized degree in counselling. Lastly, ensure your counsellor specializes in career. I specialize in career counselling. I have experience with hundreds of clients in the field. I have a Masters in Counselling from UBC with an Honors designation.

“A career counsellor will tell me that I’m in the perfect job!”

If they tell you this, run. If your “perfect job” causes stress, exhaustion, and a disconnect, its time to leave. As I counsellor, I want to know what would fulfill you. I’m looking for deep information from you. You will become invested and excited with our findings. Career counselling should excite you. I seek to move you to a breakthrough. You need to see how capable you are.

“I can figure this out.”

That’s true. It may take a lot of time (i.e., years) and effort without help though. Life is short! Online career counselling can help you navigate those life crossroads with success. Many people come to me at a crossroads. New school? College? New field? New job? New country? New relationship? Others come doubting their choice in college, career or employer. In both cases, what used to work—no longer does.

Massive changes in the workplace confront everyone. You have to deal with repeated work-related crossroads and transitions. You might hesitate with uncertainty. As a career counsellor, I will have you recount your “career life story”. Revisiting your own crossroads, enables you to deal with current ones.

“I can’t afford it.”

For you, I recommend government agencies for free services. However, many people say that can’t afford it, but if they cut back, they could. Others can afford it but don’t want to. This can be an issue of self-esteem rather than money. Counselling investments pay off. This step is the first towards higher self-esteem and confidence.

Tidal helped me greatly with my career choice. Hello law school! I had some guidance counselling in university but it was very shallow and didn’t get at what I really want to do. Tidal was thorough and understanding and I found what I really wanted to do with his help. He made the process easy and fun.
What an interesting journey you took me on Tidal! I knew that I wanted to go back to school but didn’t realize I wanted to teach! Your support was wonderful. You are very gifted in what you do and I’ll be recommending you to anyone who is stuck and needs to move on from their current career. Best!

Why choose me as your career counsellor?

Many counsellors run typical tests and churn our basic job ideas. I am the opposite. I approach career as sacred. Career is a major portion of your life. It can define your entire life. Choosing career is a sacred mission. I want to know everything about you. With that, I can help your decision with clarity. I go deep. My successes with clients have been profound.

Many therapists graduate with scant experience in career counselling. I have experience. I have worked in a job where career counselling was a key part of my job. This experience was critical. It led me to work with many career counselling approaches. You can take advantage of this experience.

I want to start exploring my new career. What’s next?

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